We express our gratitude and appreciation to the following experts and authorities:
  • for constructive discussions during the phase of developing and structuring the Database:
      Werner Abraham (Vienna), Greville Corbett (Surrey, U.K.), Dina El Zarka (Graz), Livio Gaeta (Naples), Manfred Krifka (Berlin), Richard Rhodes (Berkeley), Patricia Shaw (Vancouver)
  • for having collected an exhaustive amount of bibliographical references prior to our project and for having generously agreed to integrate those references into the Bibliography:
      Alfred Klose (Regensburg)
  • for providing us with and pointing us towards helpful materials:
      Carl Rubino (Washington, D.C.), Bernhard Scheucher (Graz), Patricia Shaw (Vancouver)
  • for providing us with detailed information on reduplication in specific languages (e.g. by completing the questionnaire):
      Hein van der Voort (Amsterdam; for Kwaza), Carl Rubino (Washington, D.C.; for Ilocano), Jason Haugen (Williams College; for Yaqui), Hyung-Soo Kim (Department of English Education, Jeonju University, Jeonju, Jeonbuk, Korea; for South Korean), Ulrike Claudi (Cologne; for Ewe and Somali), Patience Epps (University of Texas, Austin; for Hup), Marie Meili Yeh (National Hsinchu University of Education, Taiwan; for Saisiyat), Simeon Floyd (University of Texas, Austin; for Cha'palaa), Una Canger (Copenhagen; for Nawatl), Mattéi Muller Marie-Claude (Caracas; for Yanomami)
  • for providing us with examples from their native languages:
      Manuel Lobrigo (Graz; for Bikol)
Notwithstanding the foregoing, the responsibility for errors rests entirely with the authors of the Database.