Reduplication: Construction of a Typological Database:

Reduplication has become a major subject of linguistic discussion during the past two decades, both in the descriptive and in theoretical perspective, in particular for non-linear phonology, prosodic morphology, and for phonology-morphology interfaces. This is partly due to the fact, that reduplication is a morphological procedure 'resembling a phonological rule' (Wilbur 1973: 5).

In spite of interest in the subject, however the relevant studies have centered on a limited and extremely repetitive catalogue of data. Moreover, very little is known about the semantics of reduplication, its historical development, productivity, etc.

The objective of the Graz Database on Reduplication is to provide access to reduplication data of the languages of the world. It intends to provide considerable examples described in terms of phonology and morphology, together with information on semantics, diachrony, and productivity. The Database is intended to furnish substantial information on matters from a variety of theoretical approaches.

The Graz Database on Reduplication (gdr) represents an element in a network of typologically oriented databases (LTRC).

Other Features of the Project:

The project will also provide the following:


The current project has been funded by the FWF (Fonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung - Scientific Research Development Fund) (November 2005-October 2008).

The pilot project was funded by the ÖNB (Österreichische Nationalbank - National Bank of Austria) (September 2002-June 2004) and supported by the Geisteswissenschaftliche Fakultät (Faculty of Arts and Humanities), University of Graz, Austria.